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Beware of AIT, Advanced Internet Technologies
    Hosting Scam Artists, Inept Staff &
        Bogus Spoofs
of your sites

Spoofs of my sites included the,
& domain names, spoofing my shopping mall

    Notice the highlighted area in the image above, verification of the location at AIT Web hosting. This is but one of dozens of scams, spoofs and fraudulent practices engaged by the unscrupulous, dishonest, anal retentive, money grubbing, wieners at AIT Advanced Internet Technologies, located in Fayetteville , North Carolina.

    We made the un-fortunate mistake of moving our sites there on August 7 of 2003, believing that they would provide the service they indicate on their web site, for the price that they list in their web site. Boy, were we ever WRONG.  What was advertised to have cost $120.00 to $135.00 for all of our domains cost us in excess of $700.00, our reputation, and several of our clients.

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Day one; August 7, 2003

    In order to "set-up the Accounts" we had to sign a "Letter of Acceptance", stating that the work had been completed to our satisfaction, Prior to AIT Ever starting. Without the signed "Letter of Acceptance" they would not be able to start. The Stated $100.00, was One charge on my card, followed immediately by another charge of $595.60, and and a bill from AIT for an additional $400.00 that "would not clear on my debit card".

    At this point I noticed that the domains were, one by one, dying, all the FrontPage elements were ceasing to function, navigation, themes, forms, borders etc. Since I had supplied AIT with the FrontPage usernames and passcodes for each and every domain, so the domains could be properly published from the old location to the new AIT location. I called to find out what the problem was. The technician informed me that he had decided to use his WS_FTP tool to make the transfers, since FrontPage would take so long. At this point he also informed me that "he was now four hours into the transfer", expected to take between 60 to 80 minutes publishing with FrontPage, and "should be done in three or four more hours. We could make the few corrections pretty soon".

    The transfer time I had calculated a few days earlier by personally publishing each and every domain to a Back-up server in Jacksonville, North Carolina, via "Road-Runner". Total transfer time for a full copy of every file, in every domain published with FrontPage took a total of 75 Minutes. It should have been quicker at AIT since they claimed to be on a fiber optic link. I would think a fiber optic line would be somewhat faster that any cable system, including road-runner, which was only supplying a 256 k link.

    Attempts to access the new locations with FrontPage were unsuccessful and technical support was a joke. Phone calls to support informed me that in order to resolve the issue I "would have to file a 'Trouble Ticket' via the 'Ticket system' available in my control panel before they would be able to look into the problem". Filing these "Trouble Tickets" proved to be a complete and total waste of time and effort. My "Emergency Service" request for my sites not functioning, not having access to them with FrontPage and the Server Extensions not functioning, only resulted in a three day wait to be informed that my "Trouble Ticket has been Escalated to management for resolution." I wonder how long it would take to get a reply for "Routine Issues" and just what the resolution for them might be, since my "Emergency Service" took three days to be sloughed off on another department.

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Day Two; August 8, 2003

    The second day, August 8, 2003, into this "Fiasco" was no less frustrating than the first, and the "Money Back Guarantee" turned out to be as big of a joke as the technical support. I spent over an hour on the phone requesting my money be returned, my order cancelled, and any of my data they did have to be deleted. Repeated requests were ignored, when I would ask for my order to be cancelled and my money returned, I would be asked "What is the problem?". Well, #1. My sites Did Not Work, #2. I can Not Access Them with FrontPage, #3. support Did Not Respond, #4. I was vastly Overcharged, #5. I was not getting the system I was supposed to be getting, Windows Server 2003 & IIS 6, I was getting Windows 2000 & IIS 5, #6. My information was transferred and trounced with an FTP tool #7 AIT was attempting to withdrawal even More Money from my bank, they already had five times, $695.60, what they were authorized to get, $100.00 for the transfer, and they wanted another $400.00.

    After repeatedly calling, support, billing, sales and the representative of AIT who we spoke with initially, and telling each and every one of them to "Cancel our order, Return our money, and delete our data from their servers", all we could get was shuffled from one department to the other until we would be disconnected. During some of the conversations, that we occurred between my wife and the billing department, she would have to repeat things over and over and over, due to the individual at AIT billing department requesting she "repeat that, I was talking to someone else while you were saying that."! Six hours into the second day, the VP of Customer Service, Beau Garcia called, wanting to know "What our problem was, and what could he do to fix it?" I specifically told him to "Return my money to my bank, Cancel my order and delete any data belonging to us from AIT's servers, period.", to which he replied that the problem "Could be worked out,  he would personally fix our problems with the domains, finish the transfers, and refund the overages". None of which ever occurred.

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Day Three; August 9, 2003


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It Never Ends; March 26, 2004

    Even after having left AIT the 30th of January they are still calling and attempting to collect for 100% Bogus charges. On the 27th of March, 2004, the billing department called to collect for February and March 2004. Seems my last payment was listed to my account on January 13th, although AIT withdrew the funds from my bank on the second of January, without permission or authorization! We even had to go as far as reporting our card "Stolen", on the advice of our bank, to prevent the continued unauthorized access to our bank account by AIT!!

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In Process - More to Come

 Documentation available, contact us if you would like to see it!!!

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