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    Sound Trax Technologies founder, Gerry Noblot, has been working with computers since 1978. Beginning with IBM Mainframes at NC State University, data was input to the computer via a data terminal located at the community college, and the results were sent via courier the next day. In 1979, Mr. Noblot bought the third "small computer" in the state of NC. At that time the purchase of a computer included the hardware only, operating systems and business applications were purchased separately, customized to the hardware and compiled onsite. The buyer's only options were to hire a programmer to make the necessary customizations and compile the code or alternatively, buy a compiler, learn the languages, (CP/M, BASIC & COBOL) and make the alterations yourself. We opted for the later, and within six months, we were being called, by the company that sold us the computer, to make alterations, and set-up other systems they had sold in this region. 

    By the end of 1980, Mr. Noblot had more computer work, set-ups, alterations to applications and repair and maintenance of existing systems, than he could do. He sold his share of the accounting business, the original reason for buying the computer in the first place, and concentrated strictly on computer systems. He has not looked back yet, preferring to continue learning new technologies and languages as they make an impact on the industry. 

    We can put our years of experience to work for your company, and provide you with options to best leverage your existing equipment and/or the best hardware/software combinations to maximize the benefits for your company. 

    From Operating Systems, to off the shelf software, or if necessary creating custom software, we can specify the most beneficial software for your business and recommend and install the necessary hardware, if required, to maximize your IT dollars.

Our first consultation is free and helps us determine . . .

  • If we can help or improve your company, 
  • If our technicians will be able to work with you and your staff.
  • What your IT baseline currently is.
  • If you are getting the maximum benefit from your current equipment, (Hardware & Software).
  • What other options are available.

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  • References can be supplied if necessary, contact admin

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