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Our Recommended System Utilities

The utilities listed in the section below are all Freeware, and provide equal or superior protection than most of the "commercial vendors products".

Anti-Virus/Maware/Spyware -
    Windows 7 users we recommend Microsoft Security Essentials
        Avira Anti-Virus, Free for personal use or
        MalwareBytes, Free for personal use,
System Tools & Utilities
AusLogics Disk Defrag & Registry Cleaner, Free utilities
    Disk Defrag utility
    Registry Cleaner
Fox-it Software PDF Reader - Adobe Acrobat Replacement,
        (Much leaner, faster and vastly less invasive than adobe)
Keyboard Shortcuts - Located on one of our sister sites, provided by Microsoft

Technical Sites

3Com - Networking devices & USR modems
Aiwa - CD players and other musical devices
Acer - Complete systems to add-on components, ACER, Gateway, eMachines
Adaptec - Makers of Controllers, EISA, SCSI, etc.
AGFA - Digital Imagery Devices, Scanners, Cameras, Films
AMD - Advanced Micro Devices, Athlon, Turion, Opteron & Phenom Processors - Note We are AMD Partner/Dealers
AMI - American Megatrends Inc., BIOS Mfgr
Amptron - Motherboards and Monitor Mfgr
AMS Tech - Computer Power Supplies
AOC Monitors - Envision Peripherals, Inc! One of the largest display manufacturers in the world.
APC - American Power Co, UPS & Surge Suppressers
Artec - OEM Component Manufacturer
Asus - Motherboards Manufacturer
ATI Technologies Inc- Video Cards, a division of AMD
Award Inc - BIOS Manufacturer
Free Barcode Generator - Barcoding Inc.  Barcoding Inc - Free Barcode Generator
Benwin - Computer Speaker Systems
Canon - Although we DO NOT Recommend Canon products, here is the link
Chenbro - Cases, Rackmount, Server, Workstation & PC
Cirrus Logic - Video Cards & Video Chipsets for many integrated video motherboards
Colorado - Tape Back up Drives, SOLD See HP
Compaq - Complete Systems & Components, SOLD See HP
CPI - Computer Peripherals Inc., Mostly Apple stuff, but makes some PC Modems
Creative Labs - Sound Blaster, Multimedia accessories
Cyrix - Although we DO NOT Recommend Cyrix processors, Sold, See IBM
Dell - Complete Systems & Components, or Michael's Scam Center
Diamond Multimedia - Video & Modem Cards
DTC - I/O Controller Cards
DPT - I/O Controller Cards
ECS - Elitegroup Computer Systems,
eMachines - Low cost computer manufacturer, ACER, Gateway, eMachines
Enlight - Computer Cases
Ensoniq - PC Sound Cards, Pro Audio Processors
EONtronics - Video, MPEG, DVD Cards, & LCD Screens
Epson - Printers, Scanners and Cameras, Note we are Partner/Dealers for Epson Printers
Epox - Motherboards
Everex - Computer Systems
FIC - First International Computer, Motherboards
Gateway - Complete Systems & Components, Home of the cow box, ACER, Gateway, eMachines
Genius - Input Devices, Keyboards, Mice, etc.
Goldstar - LG Electronics, Too many parts to list them all here
Help Drivers - Hardware Drivers for most hardware
Hewlett-Packard - Complete Systems & Components
IBM - International Business Machines
Intel - Pentium, II, III & 4, Xeon, Motherboards, Networking Mfgr
Iomega - I/O Cards & Removable storage devices
Jaton - Video Cards
KDS - Monitors, Flat Panel Display etc
Kingston - Memory & Networking products
Lava - High speed I/O cards
Lexmark - Ink Jet Printers, Again, Not Recommended
Magnavox/Philips - Video cards, CD, DVD, CD-R/RW
Maxtor - Hard Disk Drives - A division of Seagate
Microsoft - DOS, Windows, & Software, Mice and Keyboards. Note We are Registered Microsoft Partners
Micro Star Inc, MSI - MSI Motherboard Manufacturer
Motherboards - Information about nearly any motherboard made.
MultiTech - Remote Access, Internet and Telephony Products
NetGear - Networking and WiFi Manufacturer - Note we are a NetGear Partner/Dealer
NMB Technology - Keyboards & other components
Novell - Novell Networking OS
NVidia Video - Video Adapters, Video Cards
Optiquest - Viewsonic Monitors
OTI - Oak Technologies Inc, Video Cards & Integrated video chipsets
Pine Technologies - Modems
Plextor - high performance CD related equipment and software
Practical Peripherals
Protec - products dedicated to resource sharing
Philips Industries - PC Component Division
Phoenix Technology - BIOS Manufacturer
Ricoh - Computer & Office equipment. Some of the Best CD-RW's made.
Riedon Resistor Manufacturer - Precision Resistors, Our experts at Riedon will help you find the resistor you need.
Samsung - Monitors, LEDs, electronic parts
Samtron - Monitors
Seagate - Hard Disk Drives, Tape Storage Systems
Senjin - Keyboards and Assorted OEM Control HID Products
Suncheer - In Light Cases
Teac - CD-Rom, CD-R/RW
Tekram - Storage Solutions
Trident - Video Cards
Tripplite - UPS & Surge Suppressors
UMAX Technologies, Inc. - Full line of imaging and computer products.
USR - US Robotics Modems
Western Digital - Hard Disk Drives
Zoom - Modems

    If you noticed an absence of specific computer manufacturer's you are correct.
Since we are Not inclined to Recommend any of the major manufacturers, we are not
going to list any of them. If you have one of their products, you are already being buried
in ads, sales pitches and more from said manufacturers. You also have a stack of paper
work and "pre-installed" utilities that are supposed to be enhancements, but are actually
just spyware on your system to get you to said manufacturers sites.
    The best systems made today are what the industry calls "Whitebox" that simply means
the computer was built by an independent Dealer or your local Geek. Both of whom have
your system's stability and your return business in mind, rather than how much money they
will make from all the assorted bull crap that can be shoved into a computer under the guise of "Enhancements" The only "Enhancement" to any of said systems is to the pocketbook of the manufacturer, You, as the end user, are not getting any benefit from the pile of bloated
spyware that are configured to run in the background unless you specifically turn them off.
    Provided of course that you are aware of them in the first place, and that is what the major manufacturers are doing their best to prevent. They make a lot more money from the
pre-installed apps then from the computer, especially when you need it serviced, because
the pre-installed crapware is bogging the system down and preventing you from getting
the benefit that the system was purchased for initially.

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Shareware Sites

32bit - Shareware & drivers for 32 bit OS systems
C/Net - Home of, software repository
Drivers - Huge repository of hardware drivers
Game Center - Tip sheets, Cheat codes, shareware games
JAVA Boutique - Webmaster resource for Free JAVA Applets
JAVAScript Source - Webmaster resource for Free JAVA scripts
PC World - Shareware, Freeware, & Tips, Reviews & How-To's
Windrivers - Large repository of Windows drivers & utilities

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Fun Sites

Beanie Babies - Stuffed Animals & things
Coca-Cola - Home of the Cola Bears
Discovery Channel Online - TV's Science show online
Disney - Walt Disney Inc Online
Game Center - Tip sheets, Cheat codes, shareware games
Kodak - Photo Information
Musicians Network - Links & Information for Musicians
Handy Musician - Musicians Resource Center
PBS - NC Public Television
Pepsi World - Pepsi-Cola Inc
Sunny Delight - Fruit Drinks
The Muppets - Now have their own JHP site, Muppet World
The Official Jim Henson Site - All of Jim Henson's creative visions
The Simpson's - Fox Network's all American Family

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