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Tips &Tricks

Keyboard Tips

    Quick keystrokes that can save you miles of mouse travel and tons of "Clicks". These tips on this page are intended for those of you who may not have a "windows" keyboard, or if your "Windows" keys are inoperable. The complete listing, an online version and a printable, graphics free version is also available, of all Microsoft Windows Keyboard shortcuts is available here.

  1.  Shift-F10: Right-mouse-click selected item
    Same as the "Menu" key on Windows Keyboards
  2.  Ctrl-Esc: Display Start menu
    Same as the "Windows" key on Windows Keyboards
  3.  Alt-[underlined letter]: Select menu command
  4.  Alt-Esc: Switch to Taskbar's "next" open window
  5.  Alt-Tab: Switch among open windows (hold Alt and continue to press Tab)
  6.  Alt-F4: Close active window
  7.  Alt-spacebar, N: Minimize active window
  8.  Alt-spacebar, X: Maximize active window
  9.  Alt-spacebar, R: Restore active window
  10.  Alt-spacebar, C: Close active window
  11.  Ctrl-F10: Switch focus to menu commands (in any Explorer window)
  12.  Ctrl-Tab: Rotate through dialog box tabs
  13.  Ctrl-Shift-Tab: Rotate through dialog box tabs in reverse
  14.  Ctrl-Alt-Del: Display Close Program dialog box
  15.  Ctrl-Esc, Esc, Shift-F10: Right-mouse-click Start button
  16.  Ctrl-Esc, Esc, Tab, Tab: Shift focus to desktop icons
  17.  Ctrl-Esc, Esc, Tab, Shift-F10, M: Minimize open windows

That’s all for now - More tips are available below and at left
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