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Tips &Tricks

Web & Chat Abbreviations

    This month I thought we would cover some of the web abbreviations, Acronyms and emoticons you are likely to find while surfin' the net or visiting newsgroups.




AFAIK   As far as I know
BYW   By the way
HTH   Hope this helps
IMO   In my opinion
IMHO   In my humble opinion
IMNSHO   In my not so humble opinion
IOW   In other words
IRL   In Real Life
LOL   Laughing out loud (some people use this one for "Lots of luck")
LMAO   Laughing my *** off 
OIC   Oh, I see
ROTFL   Rolling on the floor laughing
BG   Big grin
G   Big grin
g   Grin

    If you prefer to express your emotions in pictures, try some of these emoticons: 



:-)   Smiling
:-D   Laughing
;-)   Winking
:-/   Scowling
:-O   Surprised
:(   Angry or sad
:'-(   Crying
:-p   Sticking out your tongue

    There you are; that should be more than enough to get almost anyone into trouble. :-), but if you really want to know more about acronyms then check out the acronym finder at

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