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Consumer Advocate

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    For the most current information visit the Consumer Advocate, a Sound Trax Technologies Sponsored site.

Current News & Announcements
NOTICE: 11/9/2004 - We are sponsoring a consumer advocate to help people resolve problems with businesses. And to warn people about dishonest businesses and scams before they have lost any money. Visit
NOTICE: 10/19/2004 - We are currently re-locating our servers from the inept, data corrupting, lying S@#%-H@#%# at IX Hosting in Kentucky to a new farm, with our own servers and our administration. We will not be lied to about the servers anymore. During the next few to several days some of our sites, as well as some of our clients sites may be Un-Available. I assure you that this is a temporary issue as new locations propagate1 throughout the all of the DNS2 Servers on the internet. While this may be inconvenient now, once completed, we will be better able to Stop the SPAM, and eliminate the fraudulent relays claiming to come from "Sound Trax Administrator" and admin at Sound Trax.
WARNING 3/5/2004 - The latest Scam/Spam/Virus has the following
May be addressed To: anyone
Claims to be From: Webmaster or Support or Postmaster or Hostmaster

Subject line; "Notify about using the e-mail account."
Dear user,
the management of mailing system wants to let you know that,
Your e-mail account has been temporary disabled because of unauthorized access. Further details can be obtained from attached file.
In order to read the attach you have to use the following password: 60383.
Have a good day,
The team


We are presently attempting to trace down the source,
but as yet they continue to elude capture.

If you get one of these, Forward the entire message to, spoof

3/1/2004, Attention: It has come to our attention, for the third time in the past six months, of another round of False, Misleading and Bogus Spams, that on the surface are made to appear as though they originated from Sound Trax Technologies. These are Bogus, Spoofed addresses, perpetrated by some of the lowest forms of life on this planet, SPAMMERS. If you happen to get one or more of these please forward it in it's entirety to "spoof" at with "SPAM" in the subject line. We are trying our best to put an end to this invasion of yours and our privacy.
Notice: Due to the un-scrupulous business practices of a couple of "Web Hosting" companies, (AIT/Advanced Internet Technologies, ValueWeb/Pegasus/Pwebtech), some of our sites are being Spoofed. Spoofed means that these companies are bogus, false, scams attempting to steal legitimate trade using our good name and reputation. The Site in question at this time, the Original Sneads Ferry Mall with Satellite Image Background.
Warning - Beware of AIT, Advanced Internet Technologies, SCAMMERS
 Domain Name Owners Registration Scam
Another Scam being perpetrated on Domain Name owners

NOTICE: Stop Fraud; Join the Class Action Lawsuit
Domain Name Owners vs. VeriSign/Network Solutions
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