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    Our web site developers have been writing code since 1978 and designing, and developing web pages since 1994. We have extensive backgrounds in computers, both the hardware and in various computer languages used in developing programs such as Assembly or Hex Code, COBOL, Fortran, C and C++, in addition to the internet languages like; HTML, DHTML, XML, ASP, CSS, JAVA, JAVAScript, Visual Basic, VBScript and many other web development protocols.

    All of our designers are well versed developing with Microsoft® tools including; FrontPage, SharePoint Designer and Expression Web Studio®. All of the sites we manage are managed with Microsoft® FrontPage, Microsoft® SharePoint Designer and Microsoft® Expression Web. Although we may occasionally use a stock clip art or a graphic, the majority of the art seen on our sites has been custom designed or photographed specifically for that site.

    We feel the best way to see what kind of work we do is to view some sites we have developed. So here is a short list of sites designed by our web design team, some hosted and/or managed by Sound Trax Technologies . . .

  1. Town of Mosheim - East Tennessee Township - Visitors Center - Town Employee's Center - Residents Center
  2. Mosheim Volunteer Fire Dept - Volunteer Fire Department
  3. Hartman's Corn Maze &
        Zombie Paintball Hunting
    - Entertainment in East TN
  4. Noblot Jewelers - Retail & Custom Jewelry
  5. Mosheim Touring Court - A Motorcycle Touring themed Campground in Mosheim, TN
  6. MC Hendrix - Massage Therapist in Southeast NC

    These are but a small sampling of our designs - ranging from a simple single page to complete on line ordering with shopping cart systems for secure credit card ordering.

    In our opinion no web site is ever really considered "done", all should be constantly evolving as technology matures and business needs change. Therefore, when we build a site, it is built with the foundation necessary to make the constant evolution of the site not only easier, but so that all the pages remain within the same style. This way when you decide to add some pages to your site three, six or nine weeks later, the new pages will look and feel to the user just like all the other pages of your site. This also makes changing the look and feel of your site a much simpler and faster task. It also eliminates the margin of error that would be present if you had to hand code each page for appearance and link status.

    Give us a call at 423-278-8823 to set up an appointment for one of our designers to come talk to you about setting up your site. While it can be done over the phone or through E-mail, however, our designers get a much better feel for exactly what you want your site to accomplish and how your business needs would best be served by your site by visiting your business personally.

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